Bag's use?

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  1. What is the purpose and use of the Silkypop silk bag? It does not look practical to me.
  2. crocery shopping bag? you know go with it folded then unfold and put things inside
  3. ^^ That's a helluva expensive grocery bag :p. With the silk fabric, I don't think I will use it for grocery shopping. JMHO.
  4. hey what do i know ! it just looks like one :roflmfao:
  5. ITA!! LOL ... I'm just wondering if any of the members bought this silky pop bag.
  6. I bought the silky pop but don't know why. It's still in it's box with the ribbon on it, never opened it, looks like it will be a gift.
  7. I thought the same things, seems so impractical
  8. Might be fun for throwing in a magazine and running light errands. It's a very whimsical looking piece so maybe a cute garden party or casual tea would call for it?
  9. Lilach is right, it's meant for groceries etc that you pick up on the way home, because the French are always food shopping on their way home from work.

    I have been used to H pricing for some time now, and have never complained and even paid extraordinary markups on some things.....but this bag is just a ridiculous rip-off, IMO!! LOL!

    For the same price, you can get a lovely H canvas tote, or a H woven shopping basket!
  10. I thought it was one of those bags you bring with you when you travel and you buy stuff and then the stuff doesn't all fit into your suitcase and then you put stuff into that bag, and then go home.

    But how much weight could that thing hold ? ?