Bags under $2K?

  1. Hi all! I'm fairly new to Chanel and the closest boutique is 40 miles away. Can anyone tell me, since the price increase, what are the shoulder bags that go for under $2k? TIA!
  2. I believe the Caviar East/West flaps are $1595, Grand Shopper Totes are $1895 and I have no clue how much the Petite Shopper Tote is. You should check in the Reference Library in post #338 because they list the prices for flaps . The caviar clutch is $1195 I believe. Hope that helps!
  3. There's practically nothing anymore. There are some but is not made out of leather, usually of nylon or blend. You just missed the big December sales wherein the seasonal collection were 25% -50% off. Sigh.

    PS. Just read the previous post, the Grande Shopper is $2125 already, Petit $1795 (I think). Medallions, Cerfs are $2125 I believe.
  4. Actually I think the pst *leather strap inset* is least at my SFA and NM.
  5. *sigh* Just trying to think about whether there are any Chanel bags under 2k makes me sad.
  6. I just got the Petite Shopping Tote and it was $1350 before tax.
  7. Mine was a diamond stitch flap large size and was $1795 as of Nov. 16. It is a classic look with some edge. There are a few things under 2K, but you have to compromise size I think. Ultimate soft would be good to look at as well.
  8. paris biarritz large tote is $1650 CAD
  9. Hi,
    Is the clutch really $1195. now in caviar?
  10. Yes. I am 99% sure that is the current price. It used to be under $1000 pre increase.
  11. I believe the seasonal handbags and totes might me under 2k. as for the classics, fuhget about it
  12. If you want a classic piece, the PST is $1350. The E/W is about $1800, but all other flaps (even the small/mini) are over $2K.
  13. Wow. Wish I would have found this love last year. LOL!
  14. Thanks,
    In regards to the price of the clutch.
    Wow the prices sre really going sky high, and we're still addicts!:shrugs:
  15. You may be able to get a soft and chain flap for 1895 i think or the new cruise line has some for around $1500+ but you have to compromise with material