Bags to bring to Costa Rica?

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  1. Hi Ladies!

    I'm going to Costa Rica in late July/early August for the first time and I'm not sure what bags to bring!

    The bf and I have an entirely booked agenda of activities so I was thinking either a cross-body or a backpack of some sort?

    A friend did advise that I bring a Camelback rather than anything nice.

    If any of you have gone or have any sort of advice, pls do share! Thank you!
  2. We went 2 years ago, and I would keep it low key and easy. A cross body and back pack are great choices. We brought waterproof cases for our phones to wear around our necks.. if you did any light water activities. Basically keep it simple, and easy- a Camel back is a good idea and a pair of sneakers and comfortable flip flops that you're able to walk in. OH.. you're going to want to load up on bug spray~!! the mosquito's will eat you alive.
  3. Ah, thanks for your advice oogiewoogie!;)
  4. We've been to CR three times. Which part of the country are you visiting?

    We took large travel backpacks and stuffed them in huge military duffle bags for the airport. We traveled via public bus a couple of times and having them locked up in a big duffle bag was a tip I got from a CR travel board. There also aren't many paved streets or sidewalks where we visited a regular suitcase or rolling luggage would have been a pain!

    I had a small Le Sportsac zip pouch for currency that I kept in the pocket of my pants. I recommend quick dry pants, especially if you're doing adventure activities. We did waterfall rappelling, zip lines, hiking through the jungle, tarzan swing, ATV tours, and my favorite was a hike in the jungle to a small waterfall only used by locals (our guest house owner took us). My husband usually had a small backpack so I'd throw my pouch in there if needed. I think a sling pack or backpack would be better than cross body but it depends on what you're doing. :yes:

    We visited Arenal/La Fortuna, the Pacific beaches of Samara and Carrillo - but mostly stayed in the Caribbean side. We stayed in Puerto Viejo but did day trips to Cahuita and Manzanillo. Bocas del Toro Panama is also pretty easily accessible from the Caribbean side and I highly recommend it! :heart:

    Can you tell I love CR? :tender:
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  5. Looking for suggestions for clothing for CR, we live in Florida so we are use to the weather. Our itinerary is San Jose, then Poas Volcano and a wildlife rescue center, then to Cano Negro for a short cruise and a trip to Fortuna to see the volcanic hot springs. Day 5 Hanging bridges with a hike to see the Arenal volcano. Day 6 at a resort in Guancaste, (I'm good with that) I guess it's very little hiking and mostly just bird/animal watching. I'm really looking forward to it and would appreciate any advice for clothes and ideas and what to buy there.
  6. Hi,

    I went to CR in 2009, abou what I can recall it was always so hot and humid, you actually could have walked whole day in bikini around hehe...I always wore very light shorts, skirts and tops (bear in mind that it is also quite a catholic conservative country, most women I saw always had their shoulders covered and pants down over their knees) with my swimwear underneath because you would never know when the next swim session was around (did a combined tour to Nicaragua, we went on a boat tour with swimming on a very huge famous lake (something with twin mountains I think) and later to a hot spring resort)

    for bags you should keep in mind that it is a very poor country, so I wouldn't carry a high end designer bag around (on top I couldn't imagine carrying that heavy luggage I wear at home in that climate lol)... if I were to go again I'd pack something like a light cotton tote/shopping bag because the most essential items you will be carrying around are your jumbo water bottle and mosquito repellant (my mother was shocked when I got home and she saw my legs, those little vampires...)

    for shoes I'd recommend trekking sandals or other sturdy shoes with a good profile, for the beach resorts or cities just any flat sandal is fine

    enjoy your stay!
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