Bags that you almost sold but didn't!

  1. Let's see some bags that you've tried to sell, wanted to sell but never did it. And now you think, what was I CRAZY!?! i can't believe I wanted to sell my Indigo City at one point, and now i'm so GLAD i didn't! do you have a story like that?

    Here's a picture of my 05 baby. Shame on me for wanting to sell her!

  2. :nuts: Thank goodness you didn't sell that beauty!! That leather is scrumptious and I love indigo!
  3. Wowwww, that indigo is GORGEOUS!!!! Good thing you didn't let it go!
  4. Oh yes, I'm familiar with this. I once wanted to sell my dark turq 04. I can't even rember why. It has fantastic leather!
    And my damaged and repaired 04 marron. She is one of my very favorites. A diamond in the rough. She has silky leahter that is unlike any other Bal I've felt.
    darkturq.jpg marrontwig.jpg
  5. I almost sold my Sapin Work. I don't know why...she has the best leather of all the 2006 bags in my collection.
  6. you're lucky i wasn't around when you did, i would have snapped this baby up!! i absolutely ADORE your rogue pod - that thing is way cool! vrooom!!!
  7. ^^ LOL, i thought about selling my sapin '06 work once too!!! :roflmfao:...i've got a black '05 work & thought i'd downsize & only keep 1...but after taking her out a few more times, i couldn't bring myself to do it...the leather on her is just too delicious, just like my '05 :drool:...i also almost sold my little black '06 first until i broke her in & now she's one of my favorite b-bags (see below) :wlae:
    DSCF3265 REV.jpg DSCF3257 REV.jpg
  8. I almost sold my black ggh work cause I thought it looked big on me. So glad I kept it, great bag.
  9. SUNSPARK- you're bags are amazing! you have one of the nicest collections.

    NICOLE2730- i love that pod. it's my favourite one!

    AAALlABAMA- i'd love to see pics of your 05 work!
  10. Me too! But its Violet.
  11. fayden, just TOO GORGEOUS!!!:crybaby:
  12. I sold my '05 Indigo and '05 Caramel, but later bought them back. . . does that count!!!??? I will never sell a Balenciaga bag again - LOL!
  13. I once thought for about two seconds of selling my Blueberry City :shocked: ....
    but then I came to my senses :lol:
  14. ^^ did william shake you out of it?!?! :noggin:

    p.s. where is that boy, new photos please :woohoo:
  15. I did the same thing with my grenat first! I sold it last spring but then totally regretted it, so I bought it back a few days ago. Now I know to think twice before I sell any of my bbags :yes: