Bags that will always be "in"

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  1. since we have a thread listing bags that we think will be "over," which bags do you all think will stay "in" in the coming years?
  2. most LV mono and epi in the classic shapes
    chanel quilted bags in the squarish shapes
    hermes obviously
    YSL muse
    kate spade nylon and boarskin bags for the most part
  3. Hermes
    Chanel 2.55
    LV - suhali/ monogram/ damier
  4. chanel 2.55
    fendi Baguette
    hermes birkin
    hermes kelly
    gucci tote
    LV mono, epi, damier
  5. Chanel quilted
    Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas, Damier Canvas, some Epi
    Hermes Birkin and Kelly
  6. It's new, but I think the LV suede bags will be classics! They're gorgeous! I think Perfo will be the next Cerises!
  7. LV - mono, epi, damier
    Dior - saddle bags and gauchos
    Chanel - classic flap bags
    Hermes - birkins and kellys
    Mulberry - most styles
    Marc Jacobs - Blake
    Tod's - most styles
  8. IMO, MJ's Stam will always be a classic... :love: :love:
  9. I'd say most any quality bag that isn't super trendy. Most Chanel, LV (Damier, Mono and Epi), Hermes and Tod's could definitely be carried for years to come.
  10. Bottega.
  11. LV, Hermes,Chanel..
  12. ^^^ same here.
  13. Hermes, Chanel and of course LV mono, damier and a few Epi pieces.
  14. LV Speedy

    Chanel classic bags.
  15. For me its the Spy. I saw it and loved it, and was looking for it in Topshop until I found out that it was from Fendi and it was an IT bag called the Spy! I'll always love my dark chocolate Spy. And I think it will always be IN.