Bags that grow on you...

  1. Hi Ladies: Let's talk about bags that you bought...for whatever reason...and, for whatever reason, were disppointed in, or, less than thrilled, AND THEN...grew on you, and now you love it!

    Any bags in your collection that come to mind?

    I'm still thinking about my collection and will get back to you... :supacool:

  2. LV MC.
    now i have one on my arm right now and a piece in the mail on its way to me! crazy! the one line i said i would never own!
  3. photoobessive, do explain. LV monogram canvas, but which model? why didn't you like it before...and why/how did it grow on you?
  4. My LV monogram Sonatine...I :heart: in the beginning, but then I disliked it....after a while (a year almost), I saw it in my closet as I was cleaning and fell in :heart: again! Now it's one of my favorites! :yes:
  5. the lv mc line . i disliked it from the i love the shape, i wish they made the same bag in the mono , it would be beautiful. i like the white mc , still don't care for the black mc , just dont like the patina handle with black .
  6. My medium Kale Tate in green-it grew on me and now I love it! I almost returned it...:smile:
  7. My Botkier Bianca in Denim.

    I loved the color but wasn't sure if I loved the bag at first. The medium size with a little larger than my largest bag.

    I also didn't know if I would like the slouchiness of the bag since all my previous bags were structured.
  8. My LV Azur Noe. I lusted after it, couldn't get one, got myself on the waiting list at the Copley Store in Boston, and then finally it came. It was like all of the wind was knocked out of my sails. I was sort of like "what now"? That bag sat in my closet for over a month, until I took it out, carried it and then fell in love. The nice thing about the azur is that you don't see it everywhere. And, its lovely for the summer. I must say, however, Miss Noe is back in the closet.