Bags that get better with use?

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  1. I love my bags, but have noticed that some of them seem to be made of leather that wears well, or maybe it's the finish? I don't know, but I do know that my black Botkier Trigger, for example, is incredibly soft, and has a lovely gleam after years of use and no special treatment. I think that my Petrol Fendi Spy MIGHT do the same, but I admit that I baby it a bit and don't use it regularly!

    Others - not so good. Marks seem to show up easily, etc. So, any suggestions? And what about treatments, such as LMBs? I know that there are lots of experts out there, and I'd really be interested in your comments! :smile:

    Thanks a lot.
  2. I think that Balenciaga bags look much better with use - the leather becomes softer and the bags hang better. I also prefer LV Mono bags when they've been used and have some patina. BV bags also have a better drape once broken in.
  3. My leather Longchamps get better with age, except for the cc slots on my wallet. They're starting to get loose, while the rest of it is absolutely perfect. The bags are wonderful. I also have a couple of old leather Coach bags (10 years or so) that are super soft and squishy and look better than new. I usually like things better when they're broken in a bit.
  4. I second the bbag! it gets softer and smooshier the more I use them.
  5. I agree about the bbag too. I have a black leather prada that I can see is definatly going to get better the more I use. It's just going to get softer as time goes on and look better than when it did new. I'm not sure about treatments, however, as I never treated my bags.
  6. Balenciaga!
  7. Chloe! they look great softened and even a tiny bit scuffed. I'll bet Mulberrys are the same.
  8. Another vote for Balenciaga. Also, I used to have a very classic Coach bag (from their Legacy line, I believe) that I got used from a friend, and which I used for several years after that, and it also looked great with age.
  9. Another vote for Balenciaga--the leather becomes absolutely scrumptious with wear!
  10. Balenciagas as others have already said - but also Mulberry and Dior, well that pretty much sums up my entire collection :yahoo: I was very worried with my lambskin Diors since they were so soft to begin with, but I must say that they are quite a lot tougher than I though, none of mine have any scrathes even if I don't baby them a lot.
  11. Mulberry - I have many of their bags in Darwin/NVT leather and it only gets better! I wouldn't bet on your Spy doing well timmian, mine broke down after only 2 years of moderate use (the leather - very fragile lambskin - scratched heavily and holes and tears appeared).
  12. I totally agree about Balenciaga, the leather on these bags gets better with age. I have a 4 year old YSL muse that has been used and abused and still looks amazing, in fact I think the leather has gotten a lot smooshy and soft.
  13. another vote for balenciaga. Definitely better after use... softer, and the glossiness goes away (although some prefer the shine?)
    I also semi-agree with Chloe.. the leather becomes softer, but for bags like the Paddington, I hate to see the padlock get scratched after many uses! :Push:
  14. miu miu! my bow bag looks better and better with every passing year.

    some of my balenciagas also get better over time, but my one light colored one (pistachio city) shows wear and tear in a less attractive way than the darker colors.
  15. My Coach leather bags have aged very well. My Madeline continues to get better with wear. My Tribeca Tote has slowly turned into a really fantastic puddle of patent leather :drool: