Bags that are similar to the Kooba 'Carla'?

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  1. Hi everybody :smile:

    I was wondering if you all had some suggestions for a cheaper alternative to this bag? Somewhere in the 100-170 range?


    I've been lusting after this bag for a year now, and couldn't really afford it then, and now the time's kind of run out and it's real hard to find + it's still a little over my budget.

    I know the quality wouldn't be as good for the price I'm asking, but as long as it's leather and really resembles it in a way, I couldn't ask for more!! thanks so much for taking the time to read and help:P
  2. Sigh.........the Kooba Carla. It was such a great bag! Good luck in your search. I just had to post because I wish I could help. This was a classic!
  3. ^ did you have it or still do?
  4. Hmm, that is a tough one. Color preference?

    Some Michael Kors braided grommet bags have a similar braided look, like this one:

    Maybe try ebay for the "braided grommet" Michael Kors bags? Or a Michale Kors outlet if you have one nearby?
  5. color preference would be that chestnut color..

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  7. Sorry I can't help, but it's a lovely bag!
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