Bags that are "over". Your picks?

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  1. If you love it with all your heart it will never be out of style - but what bags 15 minutes of fame are up?

    And/or what bags or models of bags do you thing are not destined to become vintage "classics"?
  2. I think when the Spy did Denim embriodery and went to Costco it's not going to be a classic. :suspiciou

    However, the Muse seems a total classic to me.
  3. I agree that when the Spy went to Costco, its value plummeted. I wish they would make it hard-to-get and exclusive, like it once was. Here in Singapore, only 2 pieces come in every season so it's still really exclusive. Plus the price is higher than the other IT bags. But I don't know for how much longer this will be, since in Hong Kong, spy bags are already available everywhere from Joyce to the Milan Station round the corner.

    I like the Muse, and agree that its a classic. It is quiet and elegant like the Kelly.

    My take is that B-bags are oh-so-fifteen-minutes-ago, especially in Asia where it is the most copied bag around.
  4. I think anything excessively studded is going to look passé soon, if not already.
  5. i think that LV Multicolore is over. jmo.
  6. I think all the LV colored, Murakami lines are suspect now: Cherise, MC, the deranged Panda...I don't think they aged well at all. imo

    The plain ol canvas mono is classic in almost every shape.
  7. I agree that the Spy has lost its bloom. Although it still seems to be popular now I don't believe the Paddys are going to be classics. I believe they are just a passing trend.
  8. anything overly studded is done, any bags that were overly "inspired" by the "downtown" style designers such as Chloe, or Mulberry - they are the leaders and all the trickle down gets boring...and when you see it at $25 per bag, you stop and bought one generation of "inspired" bags from an indie designer, and then there are more "spawns" of your bag trickling down even further, to the low mass marketplace...

    I love indie designers though, as often they are the ones that create the buzz (only when they do somethng really new and fresh)...they have a lot of guts to put out things that the big guys probably wouldn't do, as they have target customers and a name to uphold.
  9. Fendi Spy
    Balenciaga (not quite right away, but see it coming very soon)
  10. C.D. Gaucho
  11. What??!!! You can get spy bags at Costco? How much do they sell for?

    That is good news for me b/c I really want a spy bag and can't afford the $1700 price tag.
  12. well sadly, they retail for around $2075 at most stores, so costco's online price was about $1700, i believe.
  13. Metallics & the Kooba Sienna (I like the Sienna, but ENOUGH already)
    And, as always, I wish Dooney & Bourke "IT bags" would all be condemned to purse hell.