Bags similar to Luellas' Gisele and Suzi?

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  1. I really like a lot of Luellas... especially the Gisele & Baby Gisele, the Carmen, the Suzi, the Daria and the Stevie... but some of those bags are over $1000... a bit out of my price range... can anyone recommend designers who have similar bags in a lower price range, say $250ish?

    Pics of above styles:

    Baby Gisele



  2. Bjara -

    You can save on shipping (purchases over $75 until 11:59pm on 10 Jan 06) if you go to too!
  3. i just checked out the bob ellis website recommended by another blogger, and found the suzi for $300 off the saks price! couldn't get out my credit card fast enough! can't wait to see it in person.
  4. I saw the Carmen on sale at a week or so ago, but in searching the site now doesn't look like it's still available.
  5. so if the chloe paddington is 870 euros, is that less than here inthe US? (i'm not good at conversions)
  6. Yes, check There everyday!
  7. WOW, you guys are good!!! THANKS! I didn't even think of checking SmartBargains!!!!