Bags/Shoes/Access/Jewelry Insurance?

  1. I don't have a huge collection as of yet but I'm wondering if I should, or even can, list handbags on my home insurance or if they are covered in the grand total of contents.

    Have any of you ladies done anything like this?
  2. I know some ladies have their bags covered under their insurance or have a specific add on to it (is carrier the term? I can't be sure). Hopefully they'll chime in for this.
  3. Thank you! Yes, I'd love to hear :smile:
  4. I think you need to add what is called a "rider" to your insurance policy.
    I actually sat down and read my policy the other day and man it covers so little lol
    It is usually recommended if you have a lot of high $ purses.
    I'm not sure the cost though.
  5. I don't think so unless you have $$$$ because the insurance would go up so much after the claim I'm not sure it would be worth it.
  6. I'm not sure if my home insurance covers it, but I'm seriously thinking of getting one since I have Hermès bags that cost major bucks!
  7. ^You REALLY should:yes:
  8. It's not a bad idea if you have a lot of $$ bags. When I got engaged/married, our base policy only covered $6K of jewelry (which technically didn't even cover my existing collection) - my wedding set is from Tiffany's and would cost a frotune to replace, so we decided to get a separate rider for jewelry.

    My guess is that the bags won't need it's own rider since they're not "small and easily lost" like jewelry, so you should be able to just bump up the value of your base policy. HTH!
  9. Keep your recipts and take pictures off all of your handbags and yes esp, if you have very expensive bunch of bags list them on your insurance. Doesn't this cover all your belongings in the house. This is a good idea I hadn't thought about until you mentioned it.
  10. I'm curious as to whether you all insure your bags? If so do you do it through home contents insurance or do you take out a special policy or what?

  11. I've steppped up my home insurance and also have cover if anything *happens* to my bags when I'm using thenm.
  12. I don't (I always thought they would be included in my home insurance?), but I guess I should...
  13. I have some jewelry insured through riders on our home insurance, but never thought to insure bags. I don't have any bags that are over $1000. Most expensive is around $500. I'd rather just replace the bag with another great find rather than pay for the insurance for it.
  14. Nah, i don't have any really expensive bags worth insuring (saving for a LV).
  15. No. How do I go about getting them insured?