Bags shaped like LV's Speedy 30 or 35?

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  1. Does anyone have any recs on a bag that is shaped like LV's Speedy 30 or 35? It doesn't matter whether it's low-end or high-end. Thanks! :smile:
  2. I'd like to ask that same question. I want to buy a speedy and am not sure if I'd find it too cumbersome. If I could buy something cheaper of a simillar shape that I could carry around for a while I might be able to make a decision.
  3. chloe edith loaf is really close to a speedy 30. they were recently on sale for about $500 on - i bet you could find one on ebay now.

    also, the rebecca minkoff morning after bag is close - i think someone recently posted pics here showing them side-by-side.

    hth :smile:
  4. A couple of years ago, I bought a Ralph Lauren bag with a Speedy-esque shape. It was only $250. I still see them every once in a while at Dillards.
  5. my friends both bought these GUCCi bags that they said are vintage are i think they're called the "doctor" bag or something? its really cute
  6. I know that vintage Gucci doctor satchels look similar to the speedy...they go for reasonable prices on ebay (I actually prefer these bags over the speedy).
  7. Mulberry's Euston bag is shaped like the Speedy. Here's the link.
  8. Thank you so much to all you lovely ladies for the recs!!! :smile:
  9. Very similar, here is a pic of my vintage gucci's, you can see the one phatti is talking about in the back: