Bags shaped like LV's Speedy 30 or 35?

I'd like to ask that same question. I want to buy a speedy and am not sure if I'd find it too cumbersome. If I could buy something cheaper of a simillar shape that I could carry around for a while I might be able to make a decision.
chloe edith loaf is really close to a speedy 30. they were recently on sale for about $500 on - i bet you could find one on ebay now.

also, the rebecca minkoff morning after bag is close - i think someone recently posted pics here showing them side-by-side.

hth :smile:
A couple of years ago, I bought a Ralph Lauren bag with a Speedy-esque shape. It was only $250. I still see them every once in a while at Dillards.
If you really like the Speedy, The French Luggage Company makes bags just like Speedys (they used to make Speedys for LV). Price is generally less than $200.

Here's the link:
French Luggage - Shop French Luggage - - Shop Online FREE Shipping Within the United States!

Here's a sample: