Bags promotion update in UK

  1. Hey all the bagmaniac in UK!!!:biggrin:

    I have seen many threads of our baglovers in other countries but none of UK's.... Let's start spreading the update news about promotion and sale in UK !!!!:yes:
  2. Ok, will do when something comes up!
  3. I agree!!!!
    I get soooo jealous reading about the great steals in the US!!!:biggrin:
  4. sorry not really related, but could any of you UK girls help me out? I'm eyeing this Knomo laptop bag (apparently the line is carried in the UK, incl. Apple stores).. anyone seen it in real life or care to comment on it/the line?
  5. hey taht sounds like a great idea, again, i get really jealous of hearing about the deals in the USA. I really feel like im missing out!
  6. I agree lets keep this up! If we ever hear about any deals in the U.K we should all post A.SA.P! Thanks xxx
  7. About the Knomo laptop bags, I've bought one as a gift before and I think it was definitely a good buy! Go for it =)
  8. Any know when the sale is gonna start? Can not wait to get hold of new bags.
  9. Excellent idea!!!!!!!!
    I used to study in London and I remember the sales!!!!!!!!!!! 50% gucci was a must! I still travel to the uk for sales:angel: ! definetely worth the plane ticket:graucho: .

    I have to admit I have never been to the us because is very far form cyprus and expensive but I do not mind because I love the UK.
  10. Hey i'm really glad this thread was started! Keep it up!
    Anybody got any updates?
  11. Lets keep this updated please, I never know about the latest sales etc. in London!

    I think Chanel have a sale in June!
  12. ^^ Do you know that for certain?
  13. Harvey Nichols is on 26th June
  14. Fab idea, thanks all! I'll be watching this thread with interest! :heart:
    (Being in leafy Dorset, there's not much going on here by way of bag
    Lets hope i pass my driving test before the sales start!:graucho: :flowers:
  15. Hey missbradshaw! thanks for the info?
    Do you know what goes on sale in Harvey Nicks?