Bags Outside the Max Azria Show

  1. Decided to take a couple pictures of the handbags people were carrying to the Max Azria show (this is the "designer" collection of the BCBG brand) today. These pictures were taken inside the tent.

    Sorry for the poor quality of some of the pictures as the people were walking towards the show. The bags are not as crazy-gorgeous as the ones I saw at Carolina Herrara -- lots of croc, Hermes and "it" bags at that one, but I thought you would all be interested in what editors are carrying to the shows. (By the way, Glenda Bailey, EIC of Harper's Bazaar has the new large shiny black embossed Louis Vuitton drawstring bag. I don't think it's out yet.)
  2. What cool pics! Thanks for posting! I love the way you compiled them; very artistic!
  3. Thanks. It didn't occur to me to take pictures of people inside the tents until this morning when I posted the bag giveaway. It's really hard to take pictures of people while they are walking. Most of my shots were of nothing. The shutter speed on my camera can be slow. That's when I found the "sports" mode and the pictures started coming out clearer. I had to stop because I felt people were getting a bit weirded out by the fact I was taking these random pictures of them.