bags or accessories

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  1. Again, I need your opinions. I want to get show bags but I also want acccessories. I am thinking about getting more bags or getting shoes/scarves. I have bags already so I need more shoes and scarves. I have two pairs of shoes but that's not enough. LOL! I need a few more pairs so I can change often. :P I have no scarf. least, not LV. I heard that the quality is not so great because it forms pills on wool and cashmere. :tdown: But show bags are limited edition so I do want to get them and wait until later for shoes and scarves. But then, (LOL!) I want Kanye West shoes and they are also limited. What do you think? Quantity or Quality?

    Thank you in advance! :smile:

    Oh! I can't get them all! Although I wish the situation is different!
  2. Go with the accessories, they will help you spice up your current rotation of amazing bags! I say shoes & scarves for Fall/Winter! :sunnies
  3. Accessories get my vote!
  4. Yup, accesories is the way to go. I think it adds "UMP" to any outfit!
  5. I agree with the others... get some accessories!
  6. Ditto!!
  7. Accessories
  8. I love accessories but for me they are SLGs. It's time to diversify your collection. :P
  9. You have quite a few gorgeous bags. Time to get gorgeous accessories to match! :heart:
  10. Accessories
  11. Since you already have quite a few bags, I would go with the accessories.