Bags on "The Simple Life"

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  1. There is an episode of The Simple Life where they had to go crawfishing. During the dinner at the end of the day, Paris is stuffing boiled crawfish into her bag (for latter mischief). Can anyone identify that bag?
  2. sry i'm not sure what it was but that episode was so funny! i saw her but i'm not sure what bag...did u see where nicole was trying to get a moth out of their car and hit it with her chanel? i would never ever ever do that!! hmm i'll try to look on e online, maybe they'll have it
  3. thats one of my favorite episodes, this bag:
    i'm not sure who it's by though
  4. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. I remember Paris and Nicole stuffing Paris' bag with crayfish. I can't remember what bag it is.
  6. Is her right nipple showing here? :blink:
  7. hhhm good eyes..didn't notice that before. I think it's nipple lol
  8. hmm I dont know...
    I doubt is a nipple.. I think is part of the military pattern of her top.
  9. From which designer is that bag from? I remember seeing the interior and it looks gorgeous.
  10. Can't be, otherwise the guy wouldn't be looking her in the eye!LOL:lol:
  11. maybe it was a fake...we all know how much she loves her fakes...

  12. so true