Bags on the Nordstrom's sale table

  1. Last night at my Nordstroms (Topanga Canyon mall in CA), I saw a few bags on a sale table. They had a couple Novaks (black, brown, grape, dusty blue) for $729, a MJ Blake in Emerald with gold hardware for $529-ish, and a few Juicy bags. The Novaks ranged from a few minor scratches to a lot, depending on the bag. There were other bags as well, but I didn't really recognize them.

    The SA said that they had just put them on sale the day before (Tuesday?), and that they were going fast (the MJ Blake disappeared in the course of the evening). She also said that she was not able to place any of the sale bags on hold or transfer them to other stores. It might be worth giving your Nordstroms a call or visit though!

    HTH someone!