Bags on Steel Surface


older, not wiser
Dec 16, 2005
My artsy title is an attempt to make up for my pixelated images...(Aagh - I am new to the art of resizing pictures so I hope these came out okay.)

1 - Oak Roxanne, Mulberry
2 - Anthracite Paddington, Chloe
3 - Monogram Mat Shelton, Louis Vuitton, with Monogram Mat French Purse, also Louis Vuitton
4 - Silverado Doctor bag (small size), Chloe
5 - Baby Barrel, Carlos Falchi

Each of these bags has been sold as of April 14th, 2006 - when I joined this site these were my bags - since then I have bought and sold and retained many different bags - the keepers start on page 5 or 6.


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ayla said:
I love the paddy, the colour is beautiful. And your roxanne is gorgeous, it's such a practical yet beautiful bag !

Thank you very much - I highly recomend the Roxy; I have been using it this week and am loving it's functionality and style.
Gorgeous collection, my Balenciaga partner in crime :amuse: I hope to see a Twiggy added to this collection very soon :nuts: I love the paddy and the silverado (I am lusting after a tan one!).
Seems to be lovely bags, but is it only me that have problems with the pictures:sad: They are really out of focus like they have bee resized to many times:idea: It’s a shame on so beautiful bags:worried:
Yes, they pixelated when I resized the pictures. :sad:

Perhaps when my battery charges I will try to reshoot.

**EDIT**Cristina, check your PM in 10 seconds.
Thank you all for the bag compliments; especially on the Louis - to be honest, I never use it. I only bought it because the sales sssociates called security to follow my husband (he is fully sleeved, both arms with tattoos) around the the Beverly Hills LV. My husband whispers in my ear, "you better buy something becase they don't think we can afford to be here".

The Shelton caught my eye because of it's off-black/gunmetal finish; but, it is an arm/hand bag only and I like to have shoulder options in a daily bag. I will keep it since I have the french purse to match (bought that here at LV Denver) and since they discontinued the line.