Bags on Sex and the City - do you have one???

  1. I was watching SATC the other day and suddenly noticed Samantha was carrying the Gucci large horsebit chain clutch in white. I have a black python one and it was such a pleasant surprise to see my bag (sort of) on SATC!!! :wlae:

    Anyone else own a bag that was on SATC? Would love to see pics! :yes:
  2. I have the gold Fendi baguette that SAmantha had "stolen" at the Playboy party.
  3. OMG...I just watched that episode today!!! What a GORGEOUS bag!!!!!:love:
  4. During one of the seasons there is a scene where Charlotte and Carrie are shopping for a baby gift for someone (can't remember who). Charlotte is carrying a bright pink kate spade tote. It has metal handles. I have the same bag but in green. It's in storage now but will try to post pics. I only noticed it because I have the bag.

  5. Do we count suitcases? I got a vintage American Tourister Tiara round suitcase on eBay after I saw one in Carrie's hands (the episode of her first break up with mr. Big and later, the LA episodes) - it just hit my fancy. Mine is in taupe, and just gorgeous :heart:
  6. i have the gucci belt bag that carrie wears a few times. A lot of people on tPF have it, but mine is the mini one in pink
  7. I have several baguettes, who doesn't?...and I also have one of the bags in the Prada store when Carrie takes Berger there. It is the one in the background, the daino bars bag.
  8. I have Carrie's Prada saddle bag.
  9. Pics please ladies, pics!!!!!

    Your bags all sound so nice, would love to see them!!! And a description of the episode it was in would be nice too...
  10. I have the CB pap that Charlotte carries, I always think of it as the charlotte bag, since that's the first time I saw it.

  11. Soooooooooooooo pretty!!!!!!! :love:

    That bag is SO Charlotte!!! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Does anyone have that clutch with fruits on that Carrie uses in season four?
  13. I have the tiny Fendi croissant Carrie uses in season four (i think...). I just had to track it down, despite the fact that it's totally impractical!
  14. I love your bag and the episode!
  15. The girls are shopping, and Charlotte's wearing a pink coat and carrying a white Celine Boogie bag. Mine is bordeaux (I think that's the official color name). It's a gorgeous deep wine color. :love: