Bags on Aloha Rag - Real or fake?

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Nov 1, 2006
Hello all -

I was thinking about getting a BBag on Aloha Rag but wanted to know what every one else's experiences had been. Are they authentic and come speedily? Can you order from BalNY and have the bag shipped to you? Let me know! Thanks!!
It is authentic- If you go on to Balenciaga home page, you will see their location for HI is Aloha Rag. However, they dont get the new collection early as the BNY. I was at their store (Aloha Rag) twice this year on a business trip. It is small but lots of merchandise. Jumpei is very nice, though.
AR does sell authentic bags and I have a list of their Bbag inventory sheet with pics as of November of this year if you'd like to see it....just PM me and I will email it to you! BalNY...their return policy is very can only exchange twice if you aren't happy with the bag you receive. AR's policy is better but there is a restocking fee unless you exchange. Bob Ellis Shoes in Charleston is a great place to order Bbags...all authentic and their return/exchange policy is very generous. Ask for Bill. HTH!
Definitely authentic! :yahoo:I ordered a white city from them and I know a lot of others here have ordered either a Bal or a Chloe and have had nothing but good things to say about AR.

I love AR - fast shipping (got my bag in two days via Fedex) and it was FREE. Plus no sales tax.

Customer service is very good too - call ahead and ask them to pick out a bag according to your specifications (eg: very veiny, not veiny etc) and they will do their best :P
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