Bags of Luxury

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  1. Any experience buying from Bags of Luxury in London?
  2. Has anyone had any experience with this company?
  3. last month, i ask for more photos of a couple of bags i was interested in - i was given a few pics of one and then was basically ignored after that! even after i chased up with a reminder email for the rest of the i am not impressed. but the seller's attitude tells me that she has her list of regular clients and so cannot be bothered with someone who can only choose one amongst her bags...but her bags seem to sell out very very quickly and she has the best colours of birkins and kellys...
  4. Thanks for that information! I've emailed a couple of times back and forth and seems good so far! There are so many wonderful colours they have to offer!
  5. lucky you! i hope you get your dream bag(s) soon..:graucho:
  6. Hi there!

    Is there anybody else here who have their experienced buying in Bags of Luxury in London? Are their Bags authentic, i wish to buy one item from them but i wish to hear some comments first to those you have their experienced of buying from them. Thanks!!!
  7. They are good. Several companies like Quintessentially use them.
  8. can i have the website please. thanks
  9. I would like to repeat a fashion world's question about the Bags of Luxury.
    Has anybody used their services???
  10. I haven't, yet .. But I keep checking their website frequently for new bags :lol::lol:
  11. Same here..., I am keeping looking in admiration:smile:
    They have such a lovely bags...yammmm..., but I am quite nervous to buy such an expensive item from a place I don’t know much about.
  12. ^ but I noticed many of their bags are sold out.. I would be good if someone had a good experience with them, because their prices are much cheaper than ebay resellers!
  13. I have personally dealt with the owner of Bags of Luxury in London and the bags are definitely genuine! I met her in London to pick up the bag as I was down there for work anyway. You can view the bags in her office in Central London before paying for anything.

    Hope that helps!