Bags-of-Fashion...did you decide?

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  1. I see you have the juicy in your avatar! I have been loving that bag since you posted it. I have seriously considered the bisque.
  2. Argh I just can't make up my mind! Its my first designer bag, so its a big thing for me! Do you prefer this one (avatar) or the pink one I showed you a while back?

    I think more things will match this one...
  3. Im going shopping on saturday with my family and I know of a shop that 'might' sell coach bags, im not sure, they all cost around £80 and upwards, so thats my price range.

    Im in the UK so I dont know how easy it will be to get a JC. probably just have to ring around a few places I guess. If so, I will probably get my avator one. I love it! Only thing that concerns me is the terry towel material..
  4. One more thing... lol (sorry u asked now eh?) Im getting £100 from my sis for my birthday. So part of me thinks, get a nice handbag and part of me think, put it away and save for a chloe (£780). Only thing with that is, I will probably end up using it on something stupid anyway at some stage lo
  5. I like the one in your avatar much better! It would definately be more versatile. It sucks that you can have it shipped to UK!

    I would suggest starting with a JC or Coach and seeing how much you value the bag after you own it. 780euro is a lot.
  6. £780 not euro, that would be 1147euro eek!!
  7. I dont have any other money saved up :sad2:

    Think I just have to know my limit, I can still get nice bags though :biggrin:

    After looking at coach and JC, I was convinced I wanted coach.. but after seeing these, Im not so sure, I prefer the size/shape of these compared with the coach.

    What do you think?

  8. I like the 2nd one, same as your avatar. Looks much classier. Did you find somewhere that sends to Ireland?
  9. well the brown bag (which I think is my favourite) can only be purchased from Juicy itself so I contacted them and they post internationally if I place the order via phone or fax!!

    I like the black but as you say, the brown is more classy and 'mature'. I really like the pink slouchy bags but wouldnt want it in pink..

    Well Cal, I think Im going to get it!!
  10. so glad u found that kiara, think I prefer the bisque - its for summer or winter with a nice cream scarf!
  11. :love: I LOVE the bisque too! I really would get that one! Shoot I might even get it.
  12. I agree, the JC bag in bisque. YAY
  13. lol! Well I've got until saturday, and if I don't see anything I'll see which one to get.

    *Its all im thinking about today lol*