Bags of celebrities 40 plus -- please post info and photos here

  1. I'm starting this thread to track mentions and photos of celebrities 40 and over -- from Caroline Kennedy to Emma Thompson to Madonna -- and their handbags. If you come across something, please post it here--I think it will be a welcome respite from what Britney, Jessica, etc. are carrying, at least for those of us in the 40 plus group!

  2. Great thread, I'm only 21, but I'm helping my mom find the perfect purse that suits her age (she's been toting the choc chloe paddy I gave her). Fantastic idea! Will surely look out for some pics
  3. demiposen.jpg

    Love this clutch!
  4. Trulywild, so sorry to be ignorant--but who is that celeb and do you know anything about the clutch?

  5. Demi moore and Yves Saint Laurent evening clutch

  6. Sarah Jessica Parker and Fendi mini-duffle:

  7. Trudy Styler (Mrs Sting) with Balenciaga:

  8. Yay, love this thread!
  9. Aerin Lauder with Balenciaga

  10. Yasmin LeBon (Mrs Simon) in Chanel

  11. Helena Christensen with Marc Jacobs bag

  12. Elizabeth Hurley...Jimmy Choo Mahala
    lishurley.jpg lishurley1.jpg
  13. Demi Moore with a new Lanvin S/S 08 clutch

  14. SJP with Bottega Veneta clutch (& Tomas Maier)