bags @ NM

  1. Yeah, are you sure they are doing another mark down? What's your source sweetie??? Enlighten us! lol :smile:
  2. Hi ashakes ... we meet again. LOL
  3. Oh, I'm around. I'm not on as much as I was during the "sale", but I peak in and out. hehe

    Did everything end up being ok with your Gucci Hasler? I sent mine back on Saturday morning b/c the Fed Ex man came for it.

    And, I just found out that NM DENIED my request for any sort of compensation for some of the junk they sent me. :roflmfao: Oh well, it was worth a shot. I still may call and complain seeing as how I have spent thousands with them both online and in store in the last few weeks!

    Overall though, NM has filled my closet with tons of gorgeous things so I can't complain! :tup:
  4. Bags & maybe NM drew me into this thread. :roflmfao:

    ohh thanks for mentioning it, I think my bag is ok[sniffing while typing], I sense some leather smell I think but not stinky stinky. Do you like the bag? I'm considering I'm kinda like it but not sure if it's too big on me. And, the horsebit can be spotted from like a mile away :roflmfao: making me wonder should I keep the bag. decision decision.

    And, you go girl for the calling part. It really is worth a try. good luck. hope you get the very nice and helpful rep. :wlae:
  5. You crack me up...sniffing while typing. :smile: Yeah mine was definitely "stinky stinky". I don't know what the heck was up with it. I don't care if it was free because I felt nauseous being around it.

    I did like the bag, especially with the horsebit detail. But, I think I would have loved it more in black? I'm 5'6'', average frame, and it was HUGE on me. Even though it was a great discount, I'm one for LOVING whatever I buy. I saw it sitting there gathering dust at least in my collection. JMO!
  6. I love it, and I agree I think it'd possibly be better in Chocolate or Black.

    In the picture it looks smaller. I love hoursebit, but worry if it's too much. LOL

    Yeah, it's HUGE and I'm 5' 1", average frame(Now you know why I'm worried :graucho:).
    Yet, I could be 5' 2" or 3" even 4" on good days, tho. :supacool:
  7. Yeah, I thought it was going to be smaller too for some reason. I do remember seeing it in store forever ago, but I didn't recall it being that big.

    Yeah, see I think that bag would be HUGE on you then! I'm 5'6'' when I have good posture and I ALWAYS wear heels too! I held the bag up and my Mom said it looked way too boxy and big on me.

    It was a great deal, but still $500-$625, so I think if you don't LOVE it, then you should send it back and get something else you see yourself using and not questioning. :smile:
  8. What kind of junk :cursing: did they send you? Used Returns?
    You can post the link if it is already on another thread.
  9. Hi chicbags. This was my post found in another thread:

    Originally Posted by ashakes [​IMG]
    I have never had a problem with NM and today I have had 3 in one day...2 directly with NM, and 1 with BG, which is the same damn thing. All items come from the same warehouse and get returned to the same address.

    #1-ordered days ago a cute pair of Prada logo gold sandals, open box today to find ugly Manolo Blahnik gold slides--->clearly not the same thing and I'm not happy LOL

    #2-Gucci Hasler Leather Bag-smells like S**T, and I have this weird feeling it's a fake, have always bought all of my handbags from a high end dept. store or the boutique itself and this one was off

    #3-this is BG, cutest pair of Prada buckle pumps, I open the box today in excitement (hoping for better than what was supposed to be the sandals) only to find pumps where both buckles are tarnished and rusty!

    #1-customer service rep was awesome, issues refund upon receipt, gives me 10% credit off of purchase price, and gives me 10% off of a recent order I placed

    #2-puts in request for a discount or gift card for future purchase, we'll see what the NM Executive Offices give me, I don't have my hopes up LOL Oh, and rep also assures me that there is no way that it is fake. Hmmmm, I wonder when people return things if experts are checking to make sure authentic items have been sent back??? I can see dishonest people buying these bags and sending back counterfeits.

    #3-BG was terrible, said can't do anything until we receive the item, but that I could exchange it. There is nothing even remotely similar on the site and at that price and you know they aren't going to let me pick out something regular priced, even though they totally should for sending me absolute S**T that I would not put on my feet LOL

    So that was my Friday afternoon/evening! LMAO

    I wrote this the day of, so I was pretty irritated. I've since "calmed myself". :roflmfao:

    Like I said, I have gotten TONS of great things from them, so it doesn't deter me from buying online in the future. In fact, I bought something from NM online today!

    I do think though they need certain people working in the return department to ensure that the quality of the items is just as good as what you would get if you paid full retail. I understand that SOME of the items we are getting for "steals", BUT that doesn't mean that I should be getting crap, especially from such a high end store. I'm not saying this only for NM, but any online retailer. I really do worry too with the number of dishonest people out there trying to sell counterfeit bags if they go on to these sites, buy the merchandise, and then return the item with a FAKE. Maybe somebody can enlighten me on the return departments, but I hope there are employees that work in that department that make sure all returns are legitimate.

  10. I had to return 2 pairs of CL shoes to NM. They were $710 and $780 each.
    I packaged them back with the red dustbags, the tissue in the toes and the plastic thingies.
    They looked perfect!
    They didn't even open the boxes!
    I could have placed anything in there, which is probably what happened with your shoe fiasco.

    Another time I ordered Chloe sandals and they arrived in a NM gift box,
    not the shoe box and sure enough they were mis-matched.
    A 37 and a 37.5. I called, but waited a few days. A 37.5 popped up as available.
    I ordered them and lo and behold - a 37 and a 37.5.
    I matched them up, kept the 37 and returned the 37.5.
    So basically I, as the customer put $800 back into NM's inventory!

    It does make you wonder where or if there is any type of checkpoint to validate and authenticate returns?
  11. Hi all, I was been told they will mark down to 50% soon (perhaps in a few wks). That is one of their supervisors told me. NM call centre actually has 2 locations one is in TX and the other one is in Canada. I was been told from canada one supervisor tho. I tried to contact her after to make sure the date, but couldn't really reach her since yesterday:confused1:. I will keep trying and keep u guys updates.