bags needing refurbished

  1. Hi
    I have a Mulberry large leather bag which I've used cruelly! The handle is now coming away from the bag and the brown leather at the top is pretty scratched. I don't want to part with it so wondered if anyone can tell me how or where I can get this fixed? have similar problem with a Givenchy bag - white piping around the bag needs mending. Don't want to part with either of them but they are now shabby.
  2. A cobbler can likely fix the handle. The scratches can be minimised by using Collonil gel.
    A full refurb, with piping I would trust to The Handbag Clinic or similar
  3. Thank you - where can I buy the gel? I'll google the handbag clininc - many thanks again
  4. what do you do to your bags? not judging, just curious
    taking out in bad weather? kids or animals destroying them?
    I don't really baby my bags and with the exception of some lighter colored ones showing some marks or dirt, they never really wear out
  5. Contact Mulberry, they will repair their bags, even old ones. There is a cost.
  6. I used the Mulberry to take books back and forth from school (I'm a teacher!) hence damage to handle and scratches on brown leather at top. As for the Givenchy - I've had it many years and the piping came apart when I lived in Amsterdam and stuck it on the handlebars of my bike a couple of times, which caused the wear and tear there :sad:
  7. Great - I'll do that - the cost might be worth it and cheaper than buying a new one - besides, I like the vintage!
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