bags made in france... bags made in usa

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  1. just curious - :wondering why do you care about where your bag is made in? seems like alot of people here are obsessed over that??
  2. its just a preference. i dont care where my LVs are made, just as long as they're authentic :smile:
  3. I live in the USA. If I have a choice, I buy an LV made in the USA. Workers from my country made the bag, and I feel it's wise to support and help keep their jobs. If I lived in France, I would feel the same way. I'm that way with everything, if I have a choice, I buy from an American company. If I lived in another country, I would support that country's businesses.
  4. ^^^ ITA!
    i don't care where they are made, i really don't get what the big fuss is about made in france.
  5. It mattered to me because I saved up not only for my trip to Paris, but for my bag. I wanted it to be special. And it was :biggrin: . Whatever floats your boat!
  6. I personally prefer made in France and i'm willing to wait! :smile:
  7. This topic has been covered many times in the past... please utilize the search feature for future reference.

    Thanks! ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.