bags made for outlets - differences?

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  1. morning everyone

    I'm enquiring on behalf of a friend who has just bought a special purchase Black Printed "congo" bays from one of the outlets - it was a mail order. I know the SPs don't have feet or locks, but are there any other differences?

    The reason I ask is becasue my friend was really pleased with it until someone asked her if it was genuine as the zip on the inside pocket ran from left to right - this other friend said that all mulberry inner zips should go from right to left. She also said that there was no "made in XXX " label inside and suggested that it might not be genuine even tho it came from a Mulberry outlet.

    I don't have any of the special purchase bags so can't compare with her - although all of my bag inner zips do indeed go from right to left.

    Does anyone have a special purchase bag from an outlet, and would they mind telling me what their's is like? I rang another mulberry outlet to enquire and the sales assistant said that she hadn't heard this before but checked some of their baywaters = she said that the special purchase ones did seem to go from left to right, so maybe they just do them differently? Any enlightenment greatly appreciated!

    Anyone shopping for new Mulberry's today?
  2. All special purchases are made solely for sale at the Outlets and there are bound to be differences. Any chance your friend is just a bit envious and the comment about it being genuine were meant to dampen your other friends enjoyment of her new purchase.
  3. ^^ As per Riffraff said. I have also checked with my special purchase black bays and it has no made in label either. If it came from an outlet it will be fine. Tell your friend not too worry.
  4. Can't remember about zips but there have certainly been many bags without Made In labels, particularly older ones. I thought Congo was a discontinued leather - so this may be older.
  5. My special purchase Bays does have a 'made in...' label either. Tell your friends not to worry!
  6. hey, thanks everyone! I'll be glad to pass this info on. TBH the other friend is a bit of a killjoy at times - she never volunteers compliments and is generally negative, so yes, i think a little bit of the green-eyed monster was present somewhere!

    She showed me the bag anyway and it's beautiful! If I hadn't just bought one I'd be tempted :yes:
  7. The 'other friend' who said that zips always run from right to left is in the camp of a little knowledge being a dangerous thing. It is not true that all zips run one way, yes the majority do, but many do not. Also, as others have said, not all bags have a Made in label; similarly not all bags have a round disc and not all discs have serial numbers.
  8. wisw words jj x