Bags like Christian Louboutin Eloise?

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  1. Hi!

    I am looking for a new work bag and I think it's time to upgrade from my Michael Kors Jetset tote to a designer bag that's going to last me longer than the 3 years this one has.

    I recently had my hands on the Christian Louboutin Large Eloise and I am in love.. except I want it for work and I can't get away with the spikes. Does anybody know of a bag that's similarly structured but preferably in a nude or camel (or black if that's all they have) and without the spikes? I'm looking for a bag that's classic and work-appropriate that I could wear at age 25, 45, or 65.

    Big pluses:
    - suede interior
    - unique look without being too over-the-top
    - structured
    - multiple compartments

    I also looked at the MCM Milla which I loved the huge amount of storage but it's not quite structured enough (plus I don't like the fabric on the strap -- I'd prefer all leather). I also liked the Marc Jacobs Large West End Tote but I have a hard time spending almost $2,000 (I'm Canadian) on something that may be go sale in the next few months (they have bags on their website right now that are 50% off - I can wait a while for a $1k discount.)

    Thanks so much if anybody has any ideas!
  2. This bag reminds me the most of the Givenchy Antigona. Or the Nightingale. You might want to consider their offerings.