Bags: let them age or keep them new?

  1. Ladies,

    Do you like the vintage look of aged leather on your handbags or do you clean them meticulously so they keep that new appearance?

    I just got a Bayswater (which I talk about ALL the time on tPF) and I'm thinking about letting it age naturally. I did spray it with Apple Garde and once every few months I will moisturize it.

    What do you ladies do to care for your bags?
  2. Generally I like a more "well-loved" look... not dirty or falling apart, but broken in.

    I moisturize my Bbag and have cleaned the handles of my LV Speedy, but the rest of my bags are untouched by products.
  3. I protect and moisturize 3 of my 4 Chloes (chocolate front pocket paddy, sand tall satchel paddy and white patsy) with Apple care conditioner to keep them looking clean and soft, rather than new. So I guess I do like them aged!
  4. I only enjoy cleaning my jewelry and my espresso handbags are on their own!!!:queen:
  5. I definitely take care of my bags (keep them clean, etc) but agree that there is something so gorgeous about a well broken in bag...seems so loved to me, like you have been through a lot with it and it is still special.:love: That's why I don't mind pre-loved bags- they have a story...
  6. I like the new look. Once my LV's turn a certain shade of patina, I replace new.
  7. I like both. I spray my bags with Wilson's leather protector and use cleaning wipes to remove any spots I see. I try to keep them looking new as long as possible, but I still love them when they are broken-in, too. Of course, there is a difference between broken-in and dirty, so I do clean them when and if they need it.