Bags + keyfobs/charms

  1. Do you buy certain keyfobs/charms for certain bags?
  2. :heart:I just buy them because they're cute:love:. Silly huh?
  3. I do buy certain keyfobs and charms for use on certain purses...
  4. I try and buy each purse I have an accessory. I just got my Hamptons Small Round Hobo in Red the new flower charm.
  5. Good question... kind of a toughie, too.

    If I see a charm/keyfob I like, but I know it won't look right on any of my bags, I shy away because I prefer to have matching/coordinating things.

    I guess the perfect scenario is that I only buy a charm/keyfob that I absolutely *LOVE* & feel like i have to have that also matches a bag I own perfectly. :smile:
  6. Yes, I buy charms/keyfobs to specifically go with a certain bag... Still in search of the one for my clay shoulder bag!! I'm not a super huge heart fan, but I'm thinking of getting the metallic dangling hearts charm... I have it on hold at Ala Moana right now. I just don't know if I wanna pay $58+ for it.
  7. ^^ I think like you i'm going to search for charms for certain bags.
    Currently.. my blue flower is for my azur lv speedy :smile: blue just looks great with this bag..
    I think my other flower i'm going to keep on my lv denim speedy.

    as for the others i'm not sure yet... lol
    but I do have a legacy stripe heart on its way :biggrin: