Bags..just a dream for me?

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  1. My friend called me five minutes ago from the shop!
    She hasn't found serial number inside and she has looked that it is made in France!!
    It's a fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:crybaby:
    I knew that was impossible to find that bag, but for a moment I hope it!
    I'm very disapponinted and sad because in this months I have bought a fake cerise, the my mother in law gift(a vintage prada bag) you say that maybe it is a fake and now the illusion to have conte de fees beggars!!
    I'm humble origin and I'm just a student and I havn't got money to buy important bags!(i have a few of bags not too expensive) And I'm not sure that I'll find a good job to became rich!!!So I hope every time to have found the bag of my dreams to a low price..but it's a mistake..
    I don't want to seem pathetic and I know problems of life are other, but bags are my fun, my passion..and this is what I feel now..
    Is there someone who can understand me?:sad:
  2. i understand how you feel.
    the first time i begin my obsession with bags, i didn't have lots of money because i just graduated from college. but i started with stuffs i can buy with my budget, like an old vintage lv, i started with used bags. until i can gather enough money to buy the bags i really actually wanted :P
  3. Hey we all had to start somewhere, makes no sense to be in debt for handbags now. So look forward to finishing up school, getting a full time job and then slowly start accumulating.
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