bags in my closet...

  1. hi guys!

    i love collecting bags and purses... seems some of them are quite expensive but they are all stock in my closet.. is there any cool place or where i can put them and to prevent them from damage..
  2. Keep them in their dustbags and on a shelf just for them. I stuff my bags so they keep their shape too.
  3. stuff them with acid free paper, wrap them in their dustbag... and place them nicely in your closet...

    some people display them ... hehe.. some people use hooks to hang them, but i recommend you not do that as it'd stretch the handles..
  4. my bags have their own closet (a 'lockercloset'). They need their own space and be safe when I'm away:p
  5. I have literally no closet space to store all my bags (DH and I share a tiny closet). So some are in that closet and the rest are in each of my two toddler girls' closets lol. They are all in their dustbags and stuffed to keep their shape : ) Oh how I would love to have a room just for purses!