Bags in Multiples?

  1. Do you purchase the same style of bag in more than one color - or do you like to have many different styles instead.

    I love my whiskey Edith - and have been seriously thinking of getting a chocolate too - I also love my B-bag and have thought of getting another one of those.

    BUT I also have been thinking of getting a Muse for a while now - and i'm debating if I should get it instead to diversify my options - bag wise.

    What about you? If you find a brand or style that you like do you get more than one - or is that a silly thing to do?
  2. *stares at the paddy twins* yeah sure LOL no, if I find a style I absolutely love and will wear everyday then I have no problems buying multiples.
  3. I'd get the muse- but that's a biased opinion since I seem to be the only on who hates the edith bags. If you really like a bag, though, it makes sense to get it in different colors.
  4. I bought a brown Bottega knotted hobo a couple of years ago and loved it so much I bought the same bag in white. I tried to get a black one in the fall (in a larger size) and was disappointed to learn the bag is out of production. If it's a great bag and I love it, I figure it's worth having multiples!
  5. I had four Isabella Fiore Whipflash Alexia bags.
    A brown, a black, a gold and a green.

    I ended up selling the green one but i guess my point is if you love it, just buy it. :P
  6. I agree! If you love the style of a bag, I don't see any reason why you would just stop at one color. I have a few bags that I have doubled on, Fendi spy bags, Balenciagas, Be & D to name a few.
  7. I wish I can do that now, but I gotta wait coz I am still on student budget.. but definitely, if u like the bag a lot, no probs even if they r the same design but different colors.
  8. yes... guilty! getting a speedy 30 so my 25 can have a sister hahah...
  9. I can see myself getting multi colors Balenciagas because they're like skittles. I also would like to own both the mono and damier papillon and speedy in the future.
  10. If I had the money, I'd get myself another spy in a lighter color... and yes, I don't think there's anything weird about getting the same style in different colors... if you love it, and it fits your lifestyle... go ahead!!!

    I do the same for jeans and tops, if I find one that compliments, might as well get a couple more, lol
  11. If you're equally split between the choices, get the Muse for diversity. But of course if you're leaning more toward another Edith or Balenciaga, then I see no problem in owning more than one in a diff colour;))

    Beaux, get the Muse already! You know you want one, lol!
  12. If you love it, buy it.
  13. Between buying a new bag or a bag you owned in another color, I would go with the new bag.
  14. About you...follow your heart :smile:.

    About me,I prefer to diversify!
  15. Yes, I'm a serial bagger, LOL! I do buy bags in multiple colors when I find a style I like. Have bought:

    MJ Sophia in white and black
    Hayden-Harnett Mercer satchel in luggage, chalk and black
    Gerard Darel Charlotte in tan and (as of yesterday :amazed: black)

    I guess I'm picky about styles and fit because I do the same thing with shoes and often clothes. If you like a bag enough and think you'll use it in multiple colors, I say go for it!
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