Bags in dustbags; how to identify what's inside?

  1. I was curious as to how PFers know which bags are in the dustbags, for example, I don't keep the boxes of my Chanels or LV bags (I live in a small apt and don't have extra space) and keep them in their dustbags, but I don't know what's in them unless I peek into every single dustbag.

    I was thinking I should take a picture of the bag and pin it to the dustbag....what do you think?

    Maybe I'm just being anal but I take pictures of my shoes and tape them to the outside of the box because I can't remember what is in the boxes! :shame:
  2. Either do that or go buy a ton of white pillowcases and an ink stamper from a craft store and make your own custom dustbags with the name of the bag stamped on it. I read about someone doing this, they said it made their closet look so much nicer to have all dustbags matching, and so easy to tell what was inside.
  3. That's a good idea. Better yet, match the pillowcase to the color (or general family) of the bag.
  4. i keep boxes and put small printed in thick card paper pics on the outside :smile:
  5. I keep the boxes, but I store boxes separately

    I know that purses they are because I rearrange them according to the ones that I like the most. Soo I just have to remember some and not all! hehe
  6. I don't have this problem yet because most of my bags are different designers or e.g. my 2 Balenciagas and 2 Chloes are different sizes so I can identify them by that. But I will buy a new little cupboard with a glasdoor just for my bags so I don't need to put them in the dustbags all the time and can look at them from the outside.
  7. but a polaroid camera, and took the pics of you bags and stick it with a tape to the dustbag. do it also for shoes :P
  8. I have who friend who takes polaroids of her stuff and stick them outside the box or sleepers.
  9. I print tags after taking pictures with my digital cameras. Still have to do it for shoes...

    This also helps me remember them. Seeing a picture is much more inspiring when you choose which outfit you'll put together.
  10. I squeeze the dustbag, lol :smile: I can usually tell what it is by doing that :smile:
  11. You can get this iron on paper and take a pic of the bag then print it out and iron it on to the dust bag...that way you dont have to worry about papers and pins and ink etc.
  12. gosh by the time that happens, I must really have tons of bags.. right now, I can just look at the dustbag and know which bag is inside coz I don't have much bags to memorize.. lol lol
  13. Pinning a pic on the dustbag is a good idea. I keep a folder with pics of all my bags in my closet. I just take a quick look at the pics and decide what bag I want to wear each day. Before doing this I couldn't keep track of the bags I had.
  14. Polaroids are a girls best friend.
  15. I remember the order of my bags and I put them back exactly in the same spot. Of course, this is easier since I don't quite have the sizable collections that many girls here have !