Bags in different colors...

  1. I have decided to exchange my red Epi Speedy 30 for an Epi Alma. I have an Alma in black with silver hardware. What do you folks think of the same bag in different colors??? Is it too much?

    Also, I have the red Epi Alma on hold with the gold hardware as I did not care much for the silver hardware in my black Alma. What do you folks think? Red with silver OR Red with gold hardware???

  2. i have limited budget so i'm always have my bag in different style and colour.

    as for the red epi, i go with the gold hardware :P
  3. I agree with you, that is why I chose a different style/shape. I wanted a red bag in the epi line and the speedy, passy and alma were my only other alternatives... Obviously the speedy is out and a little unsure about the passy. I love the structure of the alma, so I thought I'd stay with that, but am still undecided.... Decisions, decisions...yuck!
  4. i understand that :P
    i have my alma in MC and love it! although the brass hardware can be harder to match with a casual outfit
  5. i have two Bedfords in (naturally) different colors, but only because one of them is already a discontinued color. to me, a different color is a different bag :lol:

    i think the red Alma would look better with gold hardware :yes:
  6. Just like speedy...if you love the shape go for it..

    I agree with Sandra..different color is a different bag, not that you will carry them at the same time.
  7. I didn't think of it that way....a different color is a different bag.

    I like that ..... Thanks!!!
  8. Gold.
  10. Don't get me wrong. I think the speedy is a beautiful bag, especially in RED!!! It just wasn't practical for me..... I just needed something a bit more sturdy and structured.... :smile:
  11. love the gold hardware
  12. go for it
  13. If you love the bag and wear it often, go for it!
  14. Variety is good but if you love the bag and love it in different colors and can afford it, go for it!
  15. ummm I got two Petit Noe bags, I bought the white MC PN first and found it too dressy for some occasion so I went back and got the Mono PN which I love/use it to death. It's true different color, different bag. If you love it and will get the use of it, buy it :smile: