Bags in COLD weather

  1. OK - so I have been using my Vacanze for about a week now. One thing I don't like about this new print is how stiff the fabric is. I thought I could live with it until today. The temperature dropped into the teens today when I was out with my vacanze campeggio. It was so stiff and made a crinkly sound. If it gets like this in the teens what will happen when the temp drops below zero as it often does where I live. I'm worried that the fabric will crack. Anyone have any experience with using the bags under extreme cold temperatures? I'm kind of disappointed in the fabric on my vacanze! :sad: Oh why couldn't they have made them out of nicer fabric like they used on my inferno campeggio!!
  2. i have noticed that about the vacanze. i have a few in this print and it's just a matter of luck since some of my bags are of the softer fabric. i don't think that it will crack just as long as you keep it dry.
  3. Yes in hot climates the zipper teeth expand and zipper gets stuck here and there sometimes. Happened to take my toki on a trip to an equatorial country recently. Your best bet is to get bags with non-metallic zippers or no zips at all :biggrin:

    I've been using Lesportsac bags since a child and can vouch that their nylon does not degrade in cold weather, however it will deteriorate in hot humid climates. The thicker the fabric the better. Otherwise the inside laminate will melt in the heat, colors of prints "bleed" to where they shouldn't be, and the part where the melt is, the fabric will stretch until it tears. Happened to my Lesportsacs, luckily they weren't tokis!

    If your toki zipper can't move, don't force it. I know of someone in the Yukon area who forced it close and her bag zipper broke. Be wary there is no warranty on Lesportsacs.
  4. I'm glad that Hawaii don't get really cold, nor super toki's are always good...
  5. I have noticed that too with my vacanze campeggio and I broke my qee today!! :sad:
  6. I decided that I'm going to sell my Vacanze Campeggio and have purchased a Buon Viaggio instead. I can leave that bag unzipped and I think I will like the BV in a stiffer fabric. It should be here any day!
  7. I took my Foresta reprint Campeggio out last weekend in the snow. The snow built up on it, particularly around the trim on the pockets, but I even carried groceries home in it and had no problems. The zippers work fine, the color stayed in place, there were no tears, etc. It seems like cold weather is not too much of a problem, but warm weather might be. (I live in Washington, I wouldn't really know about that...haha...) As far as the zippers, I usually leave all of mine open since it makes for easier access, and I always get annoyed with metal zippers that aren't super smooth. I just chalk any zipper frustrations up to that, and wouldn't necessarily think it's because of the cold. I found a rather nice Stellina at the outlet a couple of months ago that would have sold except for a stuck zipper, and it had never experienced much extreme temperature so far as I could guess. Seems we just have to accept that they won't last forever...
  8. I'm getting a Foresta reprint Campeggio for Christmas and I'm so excited!!! I did get to take a sneak peak at it before my husband took it to wrap it up. I was happy to find out that the fabric on my Foresta is soft - yeah!!!!! As far as zippers go, if they stick I take a little wd-40 on a q-tip and carefully apply it along the zipper and that usually solves any sticking problems.

  9. Ahhh:push: , is it an Adios qee, or the old white bear qee? The Adios Qee is so adorable. I used to take the white qees off because I thought they were ugly, but I adore the little Adios qee on the newer prints.
  10. It's the Adios qee I broke.
    the little piece of plastic around the neck that connected to the chain broke. I tried to glue it back together but it didn't work.
    It's been a bad week! First i broke the qee and now I think i lost my package that contain my dream Tokidoki bag.:sad:
  11. Aww orangepeel, I'm sorry. I hope your week gets better and you find your bag. It's gotta be laying around somewhere waiting for you to find it :yes:
  12. Same thing happened to me but I was using it as a keychain. It was broke in about a week.
  13. ditto on the bear qeue breaking. Its way cold where i like and I think the glue just cracked because the body came right off the head! Now i have a decapitated qee!!!
  14. Is something "lost" in the mail? Is that what you meant?:confused1:

    If so, maybe it's just a delay. The USPS has been ridiculously slow with shipping (even more so than usual) this holiday season. :tdown: I've been waiting on a Foresta Gioco that was shipped from Hawaii last Saturday via Priority Mail and still isn't here. :crybaby: Priority Mail is becoming a sham anymore. The USPS doesn't guarantee their 2-3 days estimate and they provide crappy tracking ability. :rant: The only thing I can find out about my delayed package is that it was processed in Hawaii last Saturday evening.

    I'm hoping it shows up in tomorrow's mail and I hope if you have something "lost" too it shows up soon. :yes:
  15. My package was shipped by USPS Priority Post, coming from Hawaii too! It's my first Foresta! I just hope it's delayed not lost. Their tracking system keeps telling me the same message. I called their 1-800 line but the rep could not tell me any updates.

    I hope you'll get yours tomorrow! I am so excited for you!