Bags I'm obsessing about right now

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  1. They are all so nice. But I'm curious, what are the bags in the top 2nd and 4th from the left? Thanx
  2. Love that first LV!
  3. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe. :smile: Are you picking one between all of these?
  4. Ooops! The bags from left to right -

    Top Row:
    LV Sac de Nuit MM
    Betsey Johnson

    Bottom Row:
    Isabella Fiore
    Marc Jacobs
    Marc Jacobs
    Betsey Johnson

    and the last as you all know the LV Le Fabuleux

  5. I'd like to collect them all but if I had to choose just getting one right now - the LV Fabuleux!
  6. I have a white Le fab Love it!!
  7. do you mind if I ask you how much you paid for it? and how roomy is the interior?
  8. I got the Betsy Johnson Weekender, it's almost similar to your tote, great bag to stuff things in, I use it as one of my carry ons when I travel. So far it's holding up well, very durable and cute at the same time ( love leopard prints).
  9. I love but don't have the the Sac de Nuit. I have that Betsey satchel in a wild aqua color and just love it, very funky, quirky design with the drawer-pull, which is what snagged me.:love:

    It's durable, a nice non-fussy bag you can travel with for instance. It holds more than I can usually manage to carry in it, has that great leopard lining and gets a lot of compliments.
  10. I love the le fab, I hope you do get it ! ;)
  11. I went ahead and got the marc jacobs floral print but now you guys are making me wish I would have gotten the 2 Betseys instead!
  12. Someday maybe. It's just too much money for one bag. I couldn't possibly buy it for myself. Maybe for our 10th anniversary this year???
  13. It is a lot of money for one bag.. and it's not even a Hermes ! :Push: Never the less, I would give my right arm for one !

    Maybe eBay ? I've seen some pop up from time to time from reputable sellers.
  14. wow really? I haven't yet myself. too scared. I mean buying the onatah from let-trade was nerve wracking enough (thank goodness it's authentic) but buying a $3,000 bag just scares the crap out of me! let me know if you find anything that looks reputable.