Bags I saw at NM in White Plains today

  1. FYI - I saw a jumbo caviar flap in black with gold hardware and a white caviar flap with silver hardware. There were several flaps from the perforated line too. A jumbo in blue and, if I remember correctly, a couple in the medium size. I forget the colors though. There was also a PST in black caviar with gold hardware. They had a medium classic flap in baby pink (caviar leather.) It was gorgeous! There were several lambskin flaps as well. Different sizes and colors.:p
  2. Thanks for posting. I love Chanel updates. It let's me dream about all the lovely bags.
  3. Thanks for sharing! :flowers:
  4. It's always so helpful when people post what they saw. Thanks...
  5. thanks for the update.
  6. I love Chanel updates too !!
    Thank you :smile: