Bags hosed down

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  1. Hi all
    I had a fire at my place and my house was hosed down. I was able to recover some of my handbags too about which I am just so happy........I learnt how much I love my my bags mostly were destroyed beyond redemption except a few. Even then that too was completely soaked and had mildew on it. On of them is viola nappa charm and one is astro coffer in vitello glazed skin.
    Now these r the only two that I really want to recover . Nappa charm is in a bad shape but coffer is still ok except that it has lost all the shine and having a lot of mildew otherwise it stood up well.
    Is there any way that I could get the shine back and also how to stop it from getting mildew again. Those are dried perfectly i had wiped it well. But when ever I stow it away in a dust bag it gets all covers in greenish mold again so is there any thing that I could do or should I just throw it.
    Any input will be appreciated.
    thanks In advance
  2. Will you insurance cover replacement? So sorry about the fire!
  3. insurance is covering a lot but bags they did not.
  4. I would try Emailing Loving My Bags and see what they suggest.
  5. so sorry anusa, I was following your tough years now, and I am sorry that this is added to all.

    How is your family doing?

    As for the bags, morejunkny is right, Lovin my Bgas could clean it all

    hug, Vesna