Bags from The Hills?

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  1. Does anyone know the name of any of the bags featured on the show The Hills? I am really interested in finding out more info on these bags. It's hard to explain what they look like, but I am mostly the ones that Heidi wears, one is yellow leather, and had lots of pockets, the other is swade looking and is brown. I also like the one that Lauren always wears, it's black leather and has zippers across it. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. I know I really did not give very good descriptions of them.
  2. Thanks! That covers the yellow one!!! LOVE it!!!
  3. From the previous thread about the yellow bag from The Hills, it's actually not a yellow bag from Linea Pelle. I had called them and they said it's actually a bright orange color.
  4. It is a yellow Linea Pelle bag that Heidi wears and Lauren wears it in brown or black. They have them at and you can see photos of the girls from the hills actually wearing the bags. It is the Dylan bag and the Renee speedy bag.
  5. the yellow bag is the "sun" color dylan from linea pelle. linea pelle had it on preorder for shipping in march but it isn't available anymore for preorder because they sold out. the one on their site that is available now is orange. hopefully they'll have some sun ones for sale in march!
  6. In the recent episodes, Heidi is always wearing what appears to be a Chanel black GST in caviar.
  7. OIC, so there is a yellow color... Sun. I didn't know that. When I saw the Dylan bag on Linea Pelle's website, the color looked yellow and when I called to ask about the color, they said it's actually orange. Thanks for clarifying Sandywu. I hope they'll have more in the Sun color soon too!
  8. you can get the dylan messenger bag in the sun color from preorder (it ships in march).not the same but still cute.
  9. yes!!!! these bags were exactly what I was talking about![​IMG]
  10. [​IMG]