Bags for work?

  1. Hi Ladies, someone might have posted this before but what do you carry to work everyday?

    I'll be starting my new job in banking this summer and I'm looking for a nice bag for work but that's not too formal but not too trendy either.. any ideas?
  2. i usually carry my LV cabas mezzo tote... it holds a lot and isn't too bold/trendy.
  3. Black TOD's Moccassino. Elegant, classic, chic, roomy, but not too big. I love it.
  4. do you think YSL muse will be OK for work? or is it too casual?
  5. ^DEFINITELY. i :heart: the muse, and would be proud to carry it to work!
  6. LV: black epi alma, suhali lockit, suhali doctor bag, damier duomo
    YSL Muse, Tods
  7. what's your budget, size requirements, etc.?
  8. I have no budget to be honest :p but I'm looking something not so formal, yet not too trendy and roomy!

  9. I switch almost everyday.
    Today I'm carrying my legacy shoulder zip.
    As for you, it depends.
    How much stuff so you need to carry?
  10. YSL muse is a good choice.
  11. you should try the mulberry bayswater in nice and roomy
  12. Favorite Work Bags at the Moment:

    Chanel black tote, Cole Haan tan tote, and LV Saleya MM.
    Chanel tote.jpg ColeHaan.jpg LV Saleya MM.jpg
  13. All of my Coach bags go to work. I have one very nice Dooney for work, and my LV popincourt haut. - My other bags are either too casual, too flashy/cutesy, or have to be worn on my shoulder so I cannot carry it along with my laptop backpack that I need to bring to & from work.
  14. My Balenciaga Rouge Vif Purse or Black City:love: