BAGS for the BROKE-ee(s)?

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  1. i got the LV MC speedy 30 for the upcoming summer(and my trip back home to tropical malaysia), and now i'm totally broke, considering i'm a college student, i probably won't return to a decent bag-buying stage anytime soon.:worried: and what perfect timing, my winter bag decided to quit on me(it's turning ugly):Push:... so, was just wondering... other than Banana Republic.. are there any other bags worth lookin' at with an OK price range? am lookin for something white and in leather..preferably. :amuse:
  2. Have you looked at the Cole Haan bags? There is Hayden-Harnett as well. Others have mentioned the Moni Moni bags.
  3. Pseub, I like that bag! Good find!
  4. Ok, here are a few ideas--all under $300. Is that an ok price range for you? And totally feel free to comment on what you prefer, i.e. shoulder vs. hand held, etc. Sorry about all the links, but I don't know how to post pics from online...

    This white bag might be cute and I think it'd show less dirt because of the design:

    I'm focusing on white leather purses, btw:

    I know this Kenneth Cole comes in other colors:

    I know some people will kill me for showing a Kooba-inspired. But it comes in white, it's inexpensive and might be fun for summer:

    Hope that gives you some ideas...
  5. WOW PSUEB!!!! great find...!!! lookin' it up now!
  6. I like that first one, Cole Haan, very summery!
  7. coach? :smile:
  8. oowowowowowowowow..... damn u guys r FASTTT....
    was thinking either leather or suede.. something white so that it'd take me from now (winter) till spring... shoulder bags r good and i think i'm looking for something less than $200.. something medium sized(i'm short..5.4ft) but an everyday good for everything bag i can put everything in...
  9. lol, just call me a personal shopper who actually works as a lawyer, haha. Thanks for the updated info on the budget and preference. I'll keep looking...

    Pursefetish has a good suggestion--a purse from a coach outlet might be in your budget.... Let me look around and see what I can dig up...
  10. thanx HEAPSSS!!!!!!!!! *kisses wickedassin's feet*
  11. lol, np. You're welcome--no need to kiss my feet.
  12. HEEHEEE...!!! :biggrin:
    wow i didin't know coach is that affordable... better check out the store tomorrow...