Bags for school?

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  1. Which ones do you like best? are the most practical? would last the longest? etc. (I'm in college and would use it for 3 more years if it lasts)

    Prada - 10¼"H X 15"L X 5¾"W - $590

    Marc by Marc Jacobs - 10½"H X 13"L X 5¾"W - $368

    Marc by Marc Jacobs - 13½"H X 14¼"L X 5½"W - $298

    LV - 6.5" L x 14.1" H x 3.7" W - $715 (not in white though!)

    Tod's - 10"H x 16"W x 3"D - $995 (obviously, this one's a bit much)

    Suggestions would be nice too! It needs to fit over my shoulder, be durable/big enough for a textbook, and be under $1000.
  2. I like the LV, but $715 is kind of high for a bag that will get a lot of wear. You might consider a Coach tote; they're very durable at about half the cost. I've used them for work for years.
  3. I'd go for the MJ tote. It's cute--not too pricey and will probably cover up a lot of wear due to the dark color. Btw, what happened to just getting a North Face backpack--those things are indestructible.
  4. Oh I already have a Northface backpack and love it! But on the days that I barely have classes and don't need to walk far, I like to dress up a little and wear heels, and a backpack doesn't work with heels! I've found carrying a purse and books to be really uncomfortable, so I was thinking a tote might be useful.
  5. Do they have non-monogram coach totes? The only ones I've seen have the monogram all over, and I don't really want that.
  6. I use a Ralph Lauren Pink Pony tote, it's sooo cute. I wouldn't want to throw my school stuff in too expensive of a bag.
  7. Right now I'm using a plain black leather one that only has the Coach hang tag -- easily removed. I don't think the Web site has these any more, but the suede ones only have the name burned in once near the top. The plain leather ones may still be available in the outlets; I'm not sure.
  8. I gotcha... How about these coach bags? The first one is a little business-like, but it might be nice for future use.

    This one from the Gap is just a "happy" color combo and a GREAT price:

    I don't know how you feel about Burberry--but they sometimes have simple totes with shoulder handles that are well under $1k...
  9. I would suggest a Coach tote too. I've seen a lot of suede ones but there are some non-suede and non-signature ones too.
  10. Ooh! I might just have to visit the coach outlet this weekend. I wasn't really liking any of the tote bags I was seeing online. Coach seems to make great totes, I just never looked into it because I thought they were all monogramed! Thanks everyone!
  11. Yes, definitely check out the Coach outlet. They have great non-logos all leather totes/handbags... perfect for school or work.
  12. i got a suede gallery tote at the outlet. i plan on using it for school. :smile:
  13. I love that second Marc though!
  14. i vote and strongly for the Prada one:love: .. oh if i had not graduated i would have bought that prada and used it for college!!!!!!! :biggrin:
    looks young and black is the right color to choose for such a long usage need.. and the design.. i just love it!! those pockets would come very handy i can imagine..
    i carried a Fendi for two years in college and it served me like no other bag did before! "u can check its pick in my showcase".. but then mine is monogramed..

    my openion.. Go for the Prada one! :idea: its classic in its own way!!:amuse:
  15. I agree with Vanilla-Addict - the Prada will be a great investment and will last you!