Bags for every season?

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  1. I keep reading about using certain bags for certain season. So, I have no idea which bags ( types, color) go for each different season( fall, summer, etc)
    I live in sunny FL so most of the time is hot in here. Can someone explain me?
  2. Well, I live in a place where we have four very distinct seasons.. and about 6 months of it is winter.. LOL!

    My lime Hailey is for spring/summer. When I think spring/summer, I think lime, bone, white, yellow, pink, peony, coral. I plan to carry her all summer except if I go out at night, or the lime clashes with what I'm wearing.

    My walnut Madison screams fall/winter to me! I plan to use her until my birthday (middle of March), then switch to Hailey until September. Fall/winter colors to me are: brown, espresso, dark green, black. Most other colors are year-round colors to me: silver, gold, cinnamon, red, teal, blue, cherry, cranberry, amethyst, purple.

    Year-round bags for me are my black Sabrina and silver Glam Tote. I will use those for the appropriate occasions or desires as necessary.
  3. same thought here: Bright colors for Spring/Summer neutral or darker for Fall/Winter but in Florida I would just wear all the colors all year or you will always be wondering what bag its like they used to say don;t wear white till Memorial Day and not after Labor Day iDoes that make sense...
  4. Yes, that makes sense. Thanks ladies for your input. I was kind of confused since here it's like summer all year long
  5. I don't think it matters in Florida.
  6. I agree!
  7. ^^ I live in Florida although I'm a NoVA/DC transplant...and I wear whatever color bag I feel like that day. :biggrin:
  8. Usually I carry my dark tonal Hamptons PW in the winter. It's got suede and makes me think that it's a winter bag.

    For warmer times, I specifically bought the Pearl leather Carly. Much lighter in color, reminds me of spring. Although I carried it in December...I still have no idea why. :smile:

    I also have the metallic leather Sabrina, although I don't carry it often, I think of it as a warmer weather bag, probably b/c of the lighter color.

    My black leather Zoe I carry whenever I want. Sometimes in the warmer months, to replace the black Hamptons. Those are really the only big bags I have (the rest are for going out).

    I just got the inlaid Claire (for PCE, not the stupid good outlet price, still kicking myself for that) in plum, and although it's suede too, I think I can get away with it into the spring.
  9. I agree that in Florida it doesn't matter! I'm in Canada and I usually carry black bags in winter and lighter colors in the other seasons. But my Dad lived in Florida and his family (my stepmother and stepbrothers) didn't own coats - I used to be so envious when I was slogging though 3 foot snow drifts!
  10. HI,
    I don't think it really matters what bag or the color you use ~~ Personal preference. If you like a certain bag, use it no matter if it is Summer or Winter!!! (IMO)
    I live in MN so Winter last forever!!! I use whatever bag I am in the mood for! LOL

    Lynne :biggrin:
  11. I use anybag any time. i can understand if i was back home : MI: i would probably be more careful
  12. as for me, i dont mind what season it is, as long as it suit my outfit!
  13. Yup!
  14. I agree!!!;)
  15. I agree!!!