Bags for every budget?

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  1. Hello all... I am finally posting for the first time after always 'just' reading your expert wisdom. I am wondering what everyone thinks are must have bags in various price brackets. say, under $500, under $1000, and over?

    Also, I just bought the original IF Audra in Gold (I know, I was a little slow to jump on that craze) and am wondering whether or not to return it for something that might be a better choice for someone who can only afford to have a couple nice bags.
  2. Well, I'd say the one bag that everyone has in their closet is a Speedy, and the 30 runs 560$ USD now I believe.

    The need to have bag on this forum it seems is the Chloe Paddington.. and those are considerably more, I'm not quite sure of the retail price, but I'm sure some of the girls will jump on this thread and help me out !
  3. i think the paddington is 1500+ depending on the season and skin type
  4. Must Have Bags (in my opinion): :love:

    $250: LV pochette accessoires
    $320: Gerard Darel leather satchel
    $540: LV speedy 25 (I'm waiting for the damier canvas!!!)
    $560: LV speedy 30
    $650: LV batignolles
    $795: LV alma
    $1000 - $1300: Balenciaga motorcycle
    $1200 - $1500: Chloe Paddington classic satchel

    P.S. I love LV! :lol:
  5. can you suggest where to find the gerard darel in the US? or online?
  6. Any particular brands that you like, there's about a bag for every budget (within reason, afterall they are designers), and than zone in on that. I'm a fan of IF, so you'd probrably still enjoy your Audra.
  7. I am also a fan of the Audra, I have one in brown. I love it, for me its my fav hobo and I couldn't live without it!
  8. Irissy I go with that list! I love everyone and none of those sit in anyone's closet!
  9. I got one back in October/Nov. from Adasa...and haven't used it yet. I couldn't tell you why...

    I have always liked the way the Phoebe bag looked...I am now thinking of possibly selling the Audra for what I paid and getting the Phoebe instead. hmmm......
  10. My list:
    Under $500 - can't go wrong with a Gerard Darel Drape bag or a Coach Hampton bag
    $500-700 - Gucci Bardot or LV (Speedy, Papillion)
    $700-1000 - any Mulberry bag (specifically Bayswater, Ayler or Rosemary)
    $1000+ - Chloe Silverado, any Chanel
  11. mine is:
    under 500 euros: gerard darel and borbonese
    between 500-900 euros: braccialini
    over 1000: tod's, bottega veneta, any balenciaga and the chloè paddington
    and then, the kelly and the birkin!
  12. Oohh.. forgot to add the kelly and birkin on my list. :lol:

  13. I guess I should have included an over $5000 category!!!:P
    So far great advice. I have been researching all of your suggestions.
  14. I have bags prices ranging from $40 to $1500. My suggestions would be...

    $500 or under - A Coach tote
    $500 to $900 - A couple of LV bags, such as the Speedy, Papillon or Batignolles, or the Alma
    $900 to $1500 - Balenciaga (I'd love a B-bag!), Chloe Paddington
    $1500 and up - Chanel, a bag from the LV Suhali collection