Bags for $700 or less????

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  1. I didn't see anything I liked in the $500 or less thread so I thought I'd try upping the price. I like big, unconstructed bags that I can wear over my shoulder. I'm looking for something in leather, preferably cream or tan. Any recommendations?
  2. NMV7160_mn.jpg
  3. How about Coach, [​IMG]$348 or Mui Mui [​IMG]$760? or the Botkier and Kooba websites.
  4. Well, can't beat a classic speedy for 560. Or if you can wait , like i am, the damier speedy for i think 705 coming out in the summer!
  5. Finally, they're coming out with the Damier Speedy! :nuts:
  6. I know I can't wait! (literally):nuts:
  7. Can you wear that on your shoulder comfortably?
  8. I have a Kooba Renee and the pictures don't do it justice! It is more slumpy in real life, the interior is the softest suede. The whipstitch is in leather and the sides (the bit that looks like rope) is braided leather and are two separate tassles, the picture make them look like one fat one. I absolutely love this bag. You should check it out in RL.

    I hate that they overstuff it and make it look like a rollypolly in the pictures. It's a gorgeous bag.
    kooba renee.jpg
  9. Okay, this one is a little over, but I really like the design of this !

    Marc Jacobs, 795$
  10. Double posting again, but I really like these two Bulgas too. The second one reminds me of a seashell.
    bulga flap.jpg bulga oyster.jpg
  11. Thanks to all. I love the Marc Jacobs and the Miu Miu. Guess I'll have to up the ante!!
  12. Tano has some nice bags, I recently got a few :biggrin:
  13. I just love this bag!
  14. I've looked at this bag in person, and the leather is scrumptious! It's a beautiful bag!
  15. was that ever confirmed that the Damier Speedy was coming out in the summer? I've wanted the Damier Speedy 30 for the longest time!