Bags been sitting in my closet since purcahsed. Am I crazy?

  1. I purchased quite a few expensive bags. But a lot of them just been sitting in my closet since I bought them, and they have never been used. I didn't want to use them because I dont want them to get dirty. Or I dont have many occasions that I want to carry them.

    Anyone does the same thing? Am I the only one that is a little "strange".... :confused1:
  2. I've got at least 20 never used bags sitting in my closet. How sick is this: There is a brand new silk YSL evening bag in my closet with the Neiman Marcus tags still on it. It has been in there so long that the silver details on the handle have tarnished. :nuts:
  3. Get those bags out girls and use them. Bags aren't made to sit in wardrobes, dust them off and start using them! Have fun with them, carry a different one each day if you want.
  4. get them outttt :yes:
    there's no point of buying expensive bags if u're not using it, it's like a waste of money...
  5. Uhmmmm

    I have to admit i have perfectly new bags and clothes and shoes sitting in my closet for my personal admiration and satisfaction ....


    i'm just so afriad the bags will get dirty if i use them etc etc. so some of them have never been used....

    shoes are never the same after you wear them... the soles are not perfect and they get dirty .... i have 1 pair of pradas i will never wear and possibly frame up some day =)

    my frends think i'm NUTS. which i possibly may be. i should probably see a shrink to get to the point of using my stuff but all the $$ that goes into seeing a shrink specifically for this problem will probably cost more than the unused bags and shoes and clothes... which kind of is silly.

    in the meanwhile, i use the others i can bear to use =)
  6. Well, I have got to get over laughing at la miss' "tarnished purse" before I can even think. (Sorry la miss. That just made me get hysterical, for some reason. :smile:)

    But yes, I have a MJ baby stam that I've carried once to a meeting, and it's never seen the light of day since. I have a couple that I've never carried, but they weren't super expensive. And I feel guilty about that, or something. I look at them like they are some neglected children, but at the same time, I go for other bags over them. Yep, we're probably all a little strange. :~)
  7. RowanOak... we're strange? just because we have $1000 bags sitting on the shelf? :shrugs:

    Noooo i don't think so... you do it, i do it, La MIss does it....

    i think we're perfectly normal....:roflmfao:
  8. OMG I do this too!!!! If the shoes are a work of art, I will buy them even if they aren't my size. Just to look at them and admire them.
  9. ^ Gal, we need to meet up at some point and see each other's collections!!!

    I see bags, clothes and shoes as works of art =) ....

    this is one pair jimmy choos that are my holy grail and i would love to find it in brand new condition and frame it up... i LOVE those shoes... :swoon:
  10. I do the same thing! I have several coach bags with tags, a MJacobs, some shoes, and clothes that I have not worn or taken out at all.

    You are not alone!
  11. I used to do this. I now try only to have bags I use. I do put some away, depending on the season, but I do use them.
  12. I used to do that, now i force myself to take the plunge and use them and accept they are going to get a bit worn. I now tend to choose bags in darker colours or leathers that won't stain too badly or won't get dirty quickly (no suede!).

    There is always for when your bag needs some TLC!
  13. I do this too. I have some sitting in my closet that I haven't used in over a year. Some I can't let go, others I've sold. I'm like a squirrel with nuts when it comes to bags/shoes. Grab them and store them.
  14. Wow I am amazed your restraint. I am the exact opposite. When I get anything new I have to use it immediately. Literally! If I get a new bag, I put my stuff in it in the car in the parking lot. I swear I'm like a child.:blush:
  15. Man, if I'm not using something I spent my hard earned money on I might as well have flushed that money down the toilet, lol.

    Unless it's something special like an evening bag or cocktail dress, I can't imagine buying something and not using it!!