Bags, bags, bags - Shepton's brilliant bargains today!

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  1. Just back from Shepton & I did a recce for you all. There were some fab bags today - they had a lot of new stock so here's what they had. These were the ones I was able to note down - it took a while so I couldn't get absolutely everything!

    Choc Langford £416.
    Choc/oak Phoebe £416.
    Oak Hanover £416 (nearly bought this!).
    Oak Rivington £208.
    Choc Rivington £208.
    Oak Havana - smaller than Hanover but same style.
    Oak/nude Phoebe £416.
    Choc Agyness £486.
    Mauve Jacquetta £247.
    Purple patent medium Mabel £486.
    Lemon Roxy £297.
    White Roxy £416.
    Magenta Hanover £346 - I remember someone was desperate for a magenta bag, will check threads to see who it was.
    Lemon Soho £197.
    Lemon Knightsbridge £416.
    Coral Agyness hobo £416 (really nice).
    Coral bayswater £346.
    Fuchsia patent Bayswater (fab!) £416.
    Aqua Roxy £416.
    Aqua Helier £206.
    Berry Bayswater £346.
    Seville Bloomie £416.
    Red Smithfield £556.
    Rose Soho £175.
    White Soho £175.
    Lemon Alana £295.
    Coral Regent £416.
    Raisin Agyness hobo £416.
    Raisin Agyness £416.
    Purple patent medium Mabel £486.
    Purple Wilton £486.
    Black mini Mabel £315.
    Vanilla Elgin £247.
    Vailla Bayswater £247.
    Oak Mollie £416.
    Oak Phoebe £297.
    White Bayswater £346.
    Choc large Mabel £556.
    Dark pink large Mabel £556.
    White patent Bayswater.
    Lemon Emmy.
    Snakeskin small Smithfield - think it was £346.
    Gold medium Mabel.
    Snakeskin Roxy.
    Cream large version of the Joni.
    Cream small version of the Joni.
    Vanilla Knightsbridge.
    Vanilla Emmy.
    Antonys in teal, black, choc, oak & stone.
  2. Wow, what a fab selection! Oak Hanover - love that bag. And Anthony i teal, not to mention the stone, sounds fantastic - would love to see them irl. Great report, as always!!!
  3. Thanks so much for the summary, reading that lovely list is almost as good as going there in person!
  4. You are amazing Sarajane--. They must have thought you were with Scotland Yard! Or casing the joint! Thank you for sharing. Shepton really is the place to go. trip.
  5. I think it was Bayley or Kroquet that was after a magenta bag,from memory though I think Bayley was after the Ledbury or East West in that color.I'm pretty sure it was Kroquet who wanted the magenta Hanover..........
  6. Oooh, I guess you've PM'd her???
  7. No magenta for me since buying Jody. Thanks for the thought!!

    I am now into a chocolate bag, since I can't consume chocolate.
  8. Fantastic SJ thanks very much. Did you go around with a notebook and jot them all down or have you just got a brilliant memory!
  9. I rummaged around in my bag & found an old cheque book. It now has lots of scrawl all over it! Never would have been able to remember all that lot at my age!!!
  10. What a comprehensive list.

    Sarajane, what is the Phoebe in the Nude/Oak like. It seems a nice combination. Just wondered what the colour nude is like. Is it a lighter shade of the Oak?
  11. LOL! :roflmfao:

    I too am amazed that you were able to write all that down, Sarajane. I wish we had outlets in the U.S.!
  12. OMG, sarajane, you're my hero :wlae: You were anyway for finding me the vanilla Roxy but you are again for that list :nuts:

    I'm hyperventilating, actually. What's the bloomie? Someone mentioned it on here before and we didn't know what it was.

    Were the Sohos the new ones or the old ones? The Agyness hobo is lovely, isn't it? I'm really excited about a raisin Agyness hobo - it sounds divine :heart: And a mauve Jacquetta? Sounds lovely :tup:

    I bet there'll be crap-all when I go to Bicester next week.... not that I can afford another bag, but still :lol:

    Really pleased to see that the mini Mabel cost more than I paid :shame:

  13. I did check the price of the mini Mabel & think of you!

    The bloomie is like a bigger version of the Jodie. It's quite wide & flaps over at the top. It has two quite long straps so it sat nearer my waist than my shoulder.

    There was a mix of old Sohos & new. The lemon one was the old style (had the oak leather strap & strap for fastening it). The white & pink were new style & were special samples hence the price.

    The coral Agyness hobo gave Mabel a run for her money. It was the one bag I contemplated instead of Mabel, it was absolutely gorgeous but I decided the colour was too similar to tangerine Araline. It was a fantastic bag & I loved it.
    The raisin was a soft brown - kind of like a mocha colour. It would have looked lovely in summer with cream linen.
    I actually picked up the Jacquetta thinking it was the Mollie ( which they had in oak) and remembered that Jo was after a Jacquetta. The mauve was a good colour & the straps were an OK length.

  14. The bulk of the bag is oak and the nude bit is the section that runs around the top of the bag. The nude colour is like a pale peach - it looked really nice with the oak - kind of lightened the look of the bag.
  15. Thanks a million SJ. Now I am salivating thinking of all those lovely bags. Have spent so much on bags recently I just can't afford another one. Will have to wait and see.