Bags available if anyone is interested.

  1. Some Members have posted asking where to find some of these bags,

    My Sa has the following:
    Original black caviar (shinier than the new ones)-black jumbo, silver chain.

    Original (heavy chain) Modern Chain hobo in dark brown- 1 left.can't recall price.

    New Modern Chain, (Not the recalled but the one made after that) - East West Tote
    in Black. -1 left.-$2,250.00 with black chain

    Ultimate Soft Large in Beige - 1 left.$1,795.00
    If interested pm me for her information.
  2. I think celia was looking for the original caviar.....
  3. I think celia was looking for the original caviar.....
  4. Intentionally left blank
  5. Glad you got it:yes::heart:H

  6. Thanks I am excited !!
  7. it is a really cool bag
  8. I am looking for the modern chain in brown!!
  9. How do you send a PM??
  10. Thanks
  11. Do you know if it's the e/w MC or the n/s MC (the dark brown)? New glazed leather or older distressed leather??
  12. Hey missbarbie,

    You click on the username of the person you want to pm. A list of actions should appear. Just click the one that says "Send a private message to [blank]".

  13. All I know is what I posted. :heart:H
    and I think the brown might be sold.
  14. Thanks MissV! U are wonderful, yes i'm still lookin for a older caviar in black jumbo with silver h/w.

    However, the number has to start from 10xxxxx but not 110xxxx as i have missed a few chances gettin them on eBay...sigh:crybaby::crybaby:
  15. Thank you!!!