Bags available at YSL outlet at Cabazon

  1. was at cabazon outlet yesterday, and the YSL outlet had the following bags:

    mid/large downtown in green
    large downtown in white
    large/os muse in light brown color
    os muse in dark brown suede
    large white/gold double bag
    a new style which I do not know the name of, with a shoulder strap and kind of a muse lock in a hole?? in white
    Rive Gauche bag?? not sure if this what's is like a doctor's bag with a muse lock at the front?? in black, gray, green, and white.

    Most of them are marked down at 30% - 50% off or more.
  2. thanks for posting!
  3. Wow! Dark brown suede OS Muse??

    Thanks for posting.
  4. How to the outlet prices compare to retail and to retail sales prices?

  5. I believe they are the same price as the last sale price at boutique. Maybe a little less, not sure though. I know they have constant sale on small leather goods. Once got a muse wallet for $179. Hope this helps.